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Extraordinary Beauty Of Nalanda

The name of the district is derived from the ancient university Nalanda, the awe inspiring ruins of which is a great attraction for the tourists. The ancient university was the world’s first residential international

university with 10000 students and about 2000 teachers. From the narration of the 7th century Chinese traveller and scholar we come to know that the campus of the university had quite a few of lakes and a splendid garden beside a nine storey library full of rich manuscripts.

The main tourist places to visit are Nalanda Universiity Archaeological Complex, The Nalanda Archaeolgical Museum, Zuanzang Memorial Hall, the valley city of Rajgir, Pawapuri Jal Mandir, Viswa Shanti Stupa, Griddhakuta Hill, Maniyar Math, Fortification wall of Rajgir etc.