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District – West Champaran
Area - Narkatiganj sub-division. Close to Nepal border, Gaunaha block
Circuit – Buddhist & Archaeological

About / Importance - Two gigantic Ashokan pillars were unearthed from the region close to the river Harbora, known as Anoma River during Buddha’s time. One of the pillars has the six edicts engraved on it and that part is protected by a concrete canopy. There is a peacock and another bird etching on the pillar. A lion capital that formed the part of one pillar is now preserved at the Museum of Kolkata. The other pillar had the famous Bull Capital which adorns the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi.

View & Feel – The Buddhist legend for this place goes as the Buddha reached the bank of the Anoma River after leaving behind his family and this is the place he exchanged his royal robes for an ascetic’s garb and chopped off his elegant hair locks. It is believed that Ashoka erected these pillars to commemorate this important event of the Buddha’s life.