Where to Stay

Nearest Airport: Patna/110Kms
Nearest Railway Station: Rajgir/1Km
Name: Gautam Vihar, Nalanda-803 152.
Types of Rooms: AC Room, Deluxe Room, Dormitory Beds.
Facilities: Restaurant, CTV, Conference Hall, Coach/Car Parking, Laundry
Telephone: 06112-255273

   Gridhkuta hill-top
District - Nalanda
Circuit – Buddhist
How to Reach - A stairway from the base of the hill which passes by this summit and finally reaches the Vishwa Shanti Stupa.

About / Importance – This is the peak which is referred in various texts as one of the most favourite meditation place of the Buddha. The huge rocks on the summit of the hill resemble the form of a vulture so it acquires this name.

View & Feel - The meditation place at this hill top is a sombre and pristine space that is surrounded by the other hills. From one side one can see the green forest of the valley below and a path the leads to Ghorakatora Lake. The rectangular brick structure about 2’ high with one open side forms an enclosure where devotees offer the prayer flags and other humble offerings.
It is believed that from here the Buddha had lived in one of the caves on this hill and preached Saddharmapundarika Sutra. It is learned from Zuanzang’s travelogue that king Bimbisara made a road from the foothills of this hill till half way and then a staircase till the top for visiting the Buddha.