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  Kauva Dol
District - Gaya
Road- 30 km from Gaya district HQ. 20 km from Bela, North-East of Belaganj Block.
Landmark - 6 km of south-west from Barabar HIll
Circuit – Buddist and Hindu and Archaeological and General

About / Importance – This place is still not much explored by tourists although the infrastructure has improved a lot during the last decade. A magnificent ancient Buddha statue of black stone in a sitting posture, measuring about 8ft tall had been excavated from this site. The sculpture has been placed in a small shrine and next to the shrine lay the scattered pillars, some only visible partly above the ground as the remains of a Buddhist monastery which are still to be excavated. Few yards away, at the foothill rocks of the hill there are fantastic engravings of numerous Hindu gods and goddesses. Most of the carvings are of goddess Durga and other deities like Ganesha and Shivlingas.

View & Feel –Next to a humble village lies one of the fantastic archaeological sites yet to be discovered from the grave of the past. Under a huge peepal tree the tiny shrine protects the 8’ black stone Buddha sculpture which was found at this place. Outside, below the tree, the glorious past lay silently with few pillars strewn around and rest only partly visible from underneath the earth.

A few yards walk towards the nearby hill the amazing engravings of Hindu gods and goddesses are found along the rocks of the base of the hills. Goddess Durga and Devi forms are predominant among other Shivlinga and Ganesha images. It is quite a unique experience to see all the images of the deities without any intention to enshrine those inside a structured temple boundary but just spread across the nature as if to imagine the Omnipresent beyond any man-made borders.