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   Hazrat Bibi
   Kamal ka Mukbara
District - Jehanabad
NH /Road –NH 83
Landmark – Kako block, about 10 km from the district HQ
How to Reach - On the way from Patna to Jehanabad: left turn just before Jehanabad Railway Station – about 2 -3 km.
Circuit – Sufi

About / Importance – This is the dargah of the first woman Sufi saint of the country, Hazrat Bibi Kamal who was famous for her holy power of healing. She was believed to be the aunt of Hazrat Makhdum Saheb of Bihar Shariff. Devotees believe in the mystic power of healing at this place for mentally challenged and incurable diseases.

View & Feel – The entry gate is through the graveyard adorned with shrubs of beli/mogra flower. There is a large lake across the yard and the main tomb is a humble rectangular enclosure. A black, partially broken stone tablet with Arabic inscription is laid at the corner which is believed to be having healing power.