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    Deo – Surya Mandir
District - Aurangabad
City / Area - Dev block – 6.5 km away from highway
Landmark - Dev Dwar
Circuit – Hindu

About / Importance - One of the few existing ancient sun temples, Deo, was built in 8th century CE by Chandravanshi King Bhairavendra Singh. This temple faces west which is a unique feature for any sun temple as the usual tradition of sun temples is to face east, towards the rising sun.

View & Feel - The main structure is a beautifully carved ornamental, pyramid shaped stone built shikhara .The frontal section and the courtyard is built in later period. Presently there are three idols (Vishnu, Surya and Avalokitesawara) at the sanctum which are not the original presiding deity. Outside the main sanctum in the front hall section there are three broken idols kept as it is not the custom to worship a broken deity. One of the broken sculptures is of Surya (the Sun God) sculpture with seven horses, and one Uma- Maheshwara idol and the other is of Vishnu. There is also one Shivlinga and a Ganesha sculpture. An ancient inscription stone is installed at the interior of the temple.

This temple is considered very auspicious to visit on the festival of Chatth puja / Adra Nakshatra tithi on Sundays. The Surya Kund is about a km away where the offerings for the rituals are made. The two tanks on either side of the road, known as Rudra Kund (left) and Surya Kund (Right) are believed to cure leprosy and other acute ailments.